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First time buyers…
The key to being competitive in the current market is being pre-approved.

buyersI have great lender contacts that I work with time and time again. They can help you understand the best loan program for you, what your loan costs will be, and most importantly, how much home you can afford.

I will make sure I explain how different houses can, or can’t, be financed, outline the strategy for coving down payments and closing costs in your offer.

I want to make sure that this is exciting time is more exciting, than stressful.

There is a lot of paperwork and process to go through to get you to your new digs, and I’m here every step of the way… and beyond!

Not your first time at the home buyer rodeo…
You’ve probably bought and sold at least one home, and have a good idea of the flow.

Some of the rules have likely changed since then when it comes to loans, and title. And so have you.

I’m here to work with your updated tastes, and finances to get you the new home of your dreams; and if your currently an owner, assist you in the process of selling your home and transitioning.

In today’s market, timing is everything and I want to make sure we are tracking with where you are and where you want to go; to get you there… right on time.

You are the experienced buyer, and may never live or work at the property your buying.

I appreciate your goal orientation and am ready to dive into the numbers with you while we look for your next opportunity.

In this market it’s location, location, location… and cap, cap, cap.